Here are our range of comprehensive services.

Kelvin came referred by our friend and we were very pleased with the experience. He made the process of renovation very seamless, from the planning process to selection of materials and eventually the actual renovation itself, providing the professional inputs needed while also incorporating our ideas for the house. Kelvin is also prompt in responding and coordinating the whole process itself, that it leaves us assured throughout the renovation. Highly recommended!

Desmond Tan


It was a breeze working with Kelvin! He handled our entire reno process without any hiccups, and handed over the flat to us much earlier than we expected. He was very meticulous, practical, and all our discussions were super straightforward and efficient. We enjoyed this whole journey and would definitely recommend him to anyone who’s looking to renovate their place!

Rachel Chia & Chris Yang

Clementi Ave 1

Kelvin is timely in response and reliable, I coordinated with him for renovation while I was overseas. He was efficient and proactive, we are relieved and pleased that we’ve entrusted him for renovation while we were overseas. I highly recommend!



When we were introduced to Kelvin and the team, we immediately knew he was the guy to do our first home.

As 1st timers we were scared and weary of the industry but Kelvin delivered in so many ways that I’m thankful to him for our first home.

His approach is very sound. He has his philosophy but his is also open to your ideas. His experience translated to very rational and practical recommendations that I wouldn’t have been able to see if it wasn’t for his past work.

He also does his best to make his clients happy. E.g. we wanted an island but our space was a bit restricted. Not only did he deliver but he also turn the space into a very functional area. We now have an island to hose people with but it also pseudo as a storage area. We are super pleased with it.

Kelvin’s way of doing things is very timely and responsible. He have never been MIA and he’s always responded to us regardless of time and day. Till today I still feel paiseh about asking him things late in the day or on a holiday, but Kelvin has always been available.

Take it as what you will, but I highly recommended reaching out to Kelvin for your ID needs. You’ll be sure to have a pleasant time.

Jonathan James & Denise Ng


Emil from Inform Design managed our home renovation process smoothly. Being busy parents, it was even more so important to entrust the renovation to someone who ensured all the requirements and final decisions made were properly noted down and delivery accordingly. From the initial quotation and requirements gathering, Emil highlighted possible issues/concerns in areas of practicality and feasibility and with his knowledge we could make better informed decisions. He was also very responsive to any queries or concerns we may have along the way. After the renovation handover, he was also prompt to settle the necessary rectifications. We highly recommend Inform Design and Contracts.

Jang Tian & Hong Yaw

Alkaff Crescent

We enjoyed working with Kelvin for our new home! It was a smooth journey and Kelvin helped us to look into many details that we might missed out on. His team delivered good workmanship and within the time frame that we discussed upon. We are very glad that we had Kelvin to coordinate our renovation.

Faith Pan & James Wang

Stirling Rd

Working with Kelvin and team was a breeze! Very professional, responsible and efficient services. Kelvin made the renovation journey simple and stress-free by coordinating the whole renovation and always presenting all options to us before he executes. His team managed to complete the renovation on schedule and even provided follow up service after hand over. Highly recommended !

Wilin Ang & bernadatte

Bendemeer Rd

This the second time engaging Kelvin. He is professional, patient, practical and passionate about his work. He will guide us to make a better decision and can truly rely on him whenever any issues arise. He always tries his best to help and will always avail himself. The quality of the work done is also great! Thanks again Kelvin.

Lynn & Yanda

Pinevale Condo

We engaged Kelvin for our renovation works. He’s responsive, on the ball, responsible and is generally able to provide multiple suggestions for us to consider whenever we meet with a roadblock. We had a clear design in mind and Kelvin delivered it. Deeply believe that most if not all would be able to avoid renovation nightmares under Kelvin’s watch and management. Ps we got 3D designs for 2 – 3 areas – probably a point to note for someone who is heavily reliant on visuals.

Joel Ding & Adeline

Clementi Ave 3

Was recommended to Kelvin by two other friends who had previously engaged his services. I was looking for an ID who had strong project management skills and space planning concepts and Kelvin sure delivered above and beyond my expectations. He was extremely responsive, professional and knowledgeable. The project was flawlessly managed within timelines and workmanship was also great. I highly recommend Kelvin and his team to anyone embarking on their renovation journey. You will be in good hands!

Charmain Lee & Aron

Bedok Reservoir Rd

We got in touch with Kelvin after we saw the homes of two of our friends that had gone through him. And to our delight, Kelvin pulled through for us just as well with our home. He came well prepared for each meeting and guided us through the process, making each meeting enjoyable and efficient. We really appreciated his input on design and function, along with keeping to our budget. Kelvin was also patient with us amidst changes and even after the home was handed over, followed up very quickly with any touch up work needed. We love our new home and have recommended him to our other friends as well! Service: Refurbishment

Claire Woo


Renovation works by Kelvin and his team at Inform Design were completely stress free and on time. Kelvin was recommended to us by our interior designer friend who has worked with him on a few projects. He’s reasonably priced, super-efficient, organized and reliable. Any issues or adjustments needed were also rectified quickly and efficiently. We were so impressed that we appointed them to renovate my husband’s office and in-law’s home as well. Our nephew and his wife who also appointed Kelvin and his team has already worked with them on two of their homes. We recommend them 100%!! Services: Refurbishment, Bathroom design , Closet design , Cabinetry & hardware design , Bedroom design , Dining room design , Kitchen design , Interior painting , Flooring selection , Living room design , Space planning

Vivien & Lloyd

Aston Residence

It was extremely easy working with Kelvin and his team, we trusted them entirely to work and they delivered exactly to the T of our plans. We love that he was accountable and updated us regularly, checking in with us constantly, and also the quality and the experience was absolutely there, as he thought of very practical things and reasons for each part of the house. 10/10 would recommend his service! Service: Refurbishment

Jessie Ng & Jonathan Goh

Strathmore Ave

Kelvin listened to our needs and gave professional advice, even provided help with space planning and the general layout. He was very efficient, reliable and detailed, making our renovation process a pain-free one. Work was fast, detailed and of high quality as well. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to renovate their home!

Valerie & Ellery

Bukit Panjang

It was an easy choice to decide on Inform Design among the few ID companies we had reached out to. Kelvin came onboard with strong recommendation from a friend who had worked well with him not once but twice (a BTO as well as resale unit). During our renovation journey, we found Kelvin to be sincere, accommodative and organized with strong project management planning. Having a toddler in tow and another on the way, I am beyond grateful that Kelvin works hard to adhere to the given timeline as well as provides a seamless and positive experience in contrast to the renovation struggle experienced by some reported on news article. On some days, we would have Kelvin texting us from 430am providing 2D design and progress updates, this shows the dedication he has on our project. You knew he was hard at work, trying to meet his customers’ timeline. He replies promptly on every WhatsApp, and dutifully sees through each and every details. Even rectification are handled promptly and resolved without a single fuss. Speed is key here, with great coordination between him and his carpenters/vendors. All in all, I am happy to give a positive testimonial on his services, and I am sure one will not regret using Inform Design. For self, I am sure to use his services again on my next property.

Shanice Goh & Lincoln

Boon Tiong

No regrets going with Emil. He was prompt in his reply throughout the whole renovation process. Most importantly, moving in has come to fruition rather sooner than expected due to his promises to keep reno schedule on time. Overall: Great workmanship! On Time! 100% recommendation!

Vera & Ping Han


This is our second time engaging Kelvin for our home renovations and we are tremendously thankful that he and his team of workers saw through the whole process with great dedication, timeliness, efficiency and precision. During our first home renovations, we, as first time homeowners, were unsure what was to be expected but Kelvin patiently explained every detail to us, including every pro/con to the choices we have. His insights and advice were helpful in our decision-making and his prompt responses also facilitated the communications. His meticulous nature and knowledge in his field of work gives us the confidence that he is truly professional and cares about the practicality as a home owner/user. He would be honest about possible costs that would arise and he would be quick to rectify any defects that we spotted. During our second home renovation, he was our natural and immediate person to approach for help. Like our first time, we were impressed by the quality work and we will highly recommend him to our friends and family. Services: Cabinetry & hardware design , Space planning

Sock Hoon & Kelvin Tan

Heron Bay Condo

We were recommended to Kelvin by one of our friends and it was the best renovation decision we made. Kelvin is very detailed and meticulous; he delivered solutions to meet our needs and helped us to create a functional and yet aesthetic home. The workmanship and quality of his carpentry also speak for themselves. Rectification works were also conducted smoothly and efficiently. All in all, thanks to Kelvin & his team for helping us achieve our dream 1st home!

Monica Gabriel & Felix


We engaged Kelvin on a friend’s recommendation for our first home’s renovation, and have to say that it was overall a great decision 😀 Kelvin not only started works very promptly after key collection, but was there each step of the way to answer our queries, give helpful suggestions and options with regard to space planning and general design, and provide reassurance to me, the very anxious (and picky yet indecisive!) homeowner. He made sure the different stages of the renovation fit together and was well in time for our projected move-in date. One thing that sticks out in my mind which I was very grateful for was that when the grouting on our floor tiles wasn’t as dark as I initially envisioned, Kelvin went to the trouble of getting all the grouting coloured, in time before our furniture was delivered and without tacking on a fee for it. The result was very nice and we appreciate the extra effort! Overall, our renovation journey was nice and smooth, many thanks to Kelvin and his team! 😀

Shana Poon & Zechy Wong

st Bukit Batok We

We engaged Kelvin based on my friend’s recommendation. He was professional, responsive, dedicated & meticulous. He listens non-judgementally to what we were interested in for our renovation, communicates well, and shares his experiences, nuggets of wisdom and practical advice. He tells us what is feasible, and what is not. His team is dedicated and responsible. His coordination of the entire renovation from start to finish was seamless, and he was patient and flexible in adapting to any changes in our decisions throughout. For example, for our master bathroom toilet vanity cabinet, we were able to decide on the best fit laminate for our theme based on his advice and recommendation. During renovation touch-up and rectification, his coordination was spot-on. Our family and friends who visited our house praised the workmanship. Although renovation is a lengthy and stressful matter because it was the first time that we had to do extensive changes to our new house (we bought resale), we are very thankful and grateful to have Kelvin’s help throughout this entire process. He helped smoothen these challenging few months for us and completed the renovation according to the timeline. We highly recommend him to those who are looking for a reliable ID. You will definitely be in good hands.

Michael Kang

Pavilion 11 Condo

Our second time working with Kelvin to create our dream home, and both times he exceeded our expectations! Kelvin is great at space planning and is able to advise us on options that are practical for our everyday use. In addition, he’s very responsive and accountable throughout the entire project. Highly recommend!

Daphne Leong & Darius Xu

Boon Keng

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“Kelvin is very much recommended”

we came to know of Kelvin through recommendations and good reviews online, so it makes sense to leave a review to help those who come after us. Kelvin is very practical with good ideas through the years of his ID & contractor experience (he had a photo for most of the ideas we discussed, the visual reference is the best when deciding among options). He listens when we had ideas or wanted something in particular, and suggested on practicality with a good intention of making the idea come true. Such attitude gave us a comfortable sense of satisfaction without being prodded on to something that we were not comfortable. He is ably supported by his wife Sandra, with whom my wife was able to sound of some colour ideas, and received some good feedback. His post reno support also has been exemplary with no regrets.

Hope you get to work with him on your dream house reno.”

Asit Parida

St George

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We had a tight timeline of about 2 months to complete our renovations before we had to move in. Kelvin was professional, responsive, efficient, and flexible. He guided us along the process each step of the way, be it purchasing lights or helping us deal with some leaking issues. Everything went so smoothly that he completed before the timeline, even despite us adding on built-in cabinets halfway through the project. Everyone who has seen the house has praised the workmanship. We also could barely find any defects after the project ended. We would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who knows what you want and needs a great partner to execute it. Thank you Kelvin!!

Ramu & Cherissa

The Sunny Spring Condo

Kelvin and Sandra is a meticulous pair! They are very detailed and the workmanship is superb! They are so prompt to my question and patiently attend to them. I could not have ask for a better ID firm than Inform Design & Contracts! They are so responsible and i do not have any problem nor delays at all with my house under their awesome care!! It has been 3 years since i moved in my house. I am still loving every single bit of it!!

Catherlien & Barry

Compassvale Bow

Kelvin and the Inform Design team are one of the most dependable interior design and contractor team. We started using his service in 2003 and have continued to rely on him till this day. Highly recommended.

Jason Ong

Cashew Height

We got Kelvin to renovate our place close to 3 years back. He was easy to work with and provided practical advice. Any issues we had were resolved swiftly. I’d definitely recommend anyone to contact him for renovation works.

Rachel Lam


This is the second time that I have engaged Kelvin and his team for my home renovation and just like before, they did a wonderful job. Communication is excellent and if you need clarification on any aspect of the process, Kelvin is readily available, approachable and patient in explaining. With his years of experience, he suggests options that you may not have thought of but he is not pushy. I also appreciated Sandra’s input as she is able to provide a different perspective on renovation matters. Kelvin coordinated with all the various sub-contractors efficiently and made sure everything went smoothly according to schedule which was a big load off my shoulders as I was busy with moving. The workers he hires are always polite and professional. After the handover, the service provided continues to be prompt, attentive and of high quality. Most importantly, Kelvin is trustworthy and responsible and you can rest assured that you will be in safe hands. I would highly recommend Kelvin, Sandra and their team for all your renovation needs.

Siew Peen


Kelvin was the first and last person we met during the initial phase of sourcing for IDs to do the renovation of our bto. We decided to select him as he was patient, friendly, organized, practical and prompt to address any of our enquires after the first meet up. He gave us ideas along the way and guide us through the renovation step by step. Everything went smoothly; quotations are updated frequently after every amendment, he completed each stage of the work before asking for payment and all problems are rectified quickly. We do not have much things to worry about and felt that our home is in good hands. Even after the handover, Kelvin still aid us with minor problems around our home. Big thanks to Kelvin, his wife and his team of workers.


Bukit Batok West

My wife got Kelvin’s contact through an Instagramer whom she follows. We both wanted a herringbone flooring which Kelvin and his team is known for. Hence we booked an appointment with him. The first meet up was very fruitful as we started to have a framework of how the renovation will progress. He showed us many showcases of his work which were pretty diversified. He told us all the pro and cons of different materials and designs which slowly streamlined our decision. Shortly after the meet up, we engaged Kelvin as our contractor. Being a detailed person, its shows in his quality of work as well as quotation, if there were any changes to be made, he would inform us the change in costing. Throughout the renovation period, my wife and i had made countless decision changes and all the while, Kelvin would patiently entertain our queries. His team of workers are also commendable who takes pride in their work. Post renovation follow ups are also prompt and obliging. Will definitely recommend.

Qz Darius


We met with a number of IDs before deciding to engage Kelvin. Our first impression was that he was really sincere and listened to what we want for our home rather than imposing his ideas. I was concerned that the reno will be a headache but Kelvin managed it so well. He was very responsive and very fast in resolving any issues along the way. He was also really patient in our multiple requests and change of minds. My reno was also completed in good time and we are extremely happy with the quality of Kelvin’s and his team’s work. Even after handing over, Kelvin is still helping us with some work we need to be done months after we moved in. I don’t think I’ve come across or heard of another ID more reliable and trustworthy than Kelvin. I would highly recommend anyone to engage Kelvin for a smooth and quality assured reno process.


Ubi Ave

Kelvin did a fantastic job with our home renovations from ideation to our move in. We chose to go with him as we saw the good work he did with my sister’s home. We were busy with our wedding but found him to be reliable and trustworthy, managing the whole renovation for us in a timely manner.

With his years of experience, he could advise us on what materials were best for our needs, what was worth investing in and where we could save. He managed to help us keep within our budget. He proposed creative solutions to maximize the space in our home based on our lifestyle and preferences. Besides being practical, he also has good aesthetic sense and ensures that the project is finished well. After we moved in, he continued to follow up on necessary fixes and helped us liaise with the electrician, plumber etc.

Overall, we are really satisfied with Kelvin’s work. Both him and his wife Sandra are personable, friendly and helpful people. You’ll be in good hands having them do your renovation!


Compassvale Link

Kelvin was patient to understand our requests and was able to execute it perfectly. 4 years on and our house is still amazing condition. Highly recommend with the quality of workmanship.



Kelvin is meticulous in his work and very responsive to our queries during the course of our renovation. He takes pride in his work and the workmanship of his carpentry works are excellent. Definitely will recommend him if you are looking for a peace of mind for your home renovation.

Angela Ter

Mcnair Rd

The team here is very dedicated to their craft and have many years of experience. From the first time a request for quote was sent right through to the actual work and closing, they were professional, responsive and very willing to serve our needs.

The contractors they engage were very professional and highly skilled as well. The workmanship and finished product was top notch. The attention to detail was very apparent and communication clear.

I would not hesitate to recommend Kelvin and his team to anyone who is looking for a trustworthy and reliable designer/contractor.



Kelvin made the renovation process as smooth and enjoyable as we could have hoped for. He guided us through the whole process, patiently, informing us of what was feasible and what was not. He also offered suggestions to our renovation plans that helped to refine what we hoped to see in our first home together as a family. Through several discussions, he sought to understand how we envisioned our home to be, and enabled us to achieve it. With his help, any initial desire for an interior designer was rendered unnecessary. During the renovation process, he was reliable and efficient, rectifying any issues that surfaced along the way. We are more than confident to recommend his services to anyone who is in need of a contractor for their home.


Canberra Crescent

We had a stress-free renovation with Kelvin. He is very knowledgeable and would give us practical advice since we were doing up our first home. Price point is v reasonable as well given the high quality of work delivered. Would definitely engage him and Inform DNC again for future reno needs, and have recommended them to friends 🙂


Dover Crescent

We have engaged Kelvin and his team for our home renovation.

The quality of work is good. Kelvin pointed out things that make sense and things that didn’t make sense or things that was just not worth doing. He went out of his way to help us receive and install household items.

He may take a bit of time to response to queries but he will get back to you and make sure it’s done. He still render help after our renovation is completed. We are happy to have him as our contractor.


Bendemeer Road

We engaged Kelvin as our contractor and it was a great decision we have made. After getting quotes from a few contractors, we decided to go with Kelvin even though his quote was not the cheapest. We were sold by his dedication and knowledge in his field of work. We took a leap of faith and his team of workers assured us with their quality of work everytime we went to our house to see the updates. Futhermore, post renovation follow ups are prompt and obliging. Will definitely recommend.

Darius Quah


Kelvin and Sandra has been very accommodating during the whole process. His work, his responsiveness and his ability to give (very) brilliant ideas, concepts and feedback is something we appreciated as first time home owners!! Communication was seamless and we felt we could connect better with him as compared to others. He was very understanding and also ensured the work is well done – after sales service support was also fantastic! He may not be the cheapest contractor you find, but definitely worth the money and value of what you are paying for. I highly recommend them as we did to all our friends!


Bukit Batok

My wife and I would absolutely recommend Inform Design and Contract’s services. We engaged Kelvin as our contractor and he far exceeded all of our expectations.

While workmanship is a crucial factor when deciding on an ID/contractor and Kelvin and his team did deliver that, it was their professionalism that really made the renovation process a great one.

Kelvin was very prompt in handling our inquiries and requests and his team in completing the renovation tasks. Within one day of us handing our keys over to Kelvin, his team had already gotten down to complete the major demolition works! Prior to the renovation, our greatest fear was that the contractors would be slow in completing their tasks and thus delaying the renovation process. This initial experience put to bed any of such fears. Also, we had chosen to source many items on our own to bring down the costs (i.e. air-con, wall painting, big kitchen appliances, lightings etc) and Kelvin was able to accommodate these without making us feel bad all.

My wife and I love our new home to bits and Kelvin and his team definitely played a huge part in that. Make an INFORM-ed decision and let them build your dreams for you!



Bukit Batok West

Very dedicated team. Good workmanship. Friendly, and offer valuable feedback and insight on renovation works and ideas.

TH Foong

Telok Blangah

We were referred to Kelvin & Sandra by my wife’s friend who raved about the work done at their place.

Both Kelvin & Sandra had been most patient and accommodating to our request. They also had good and practical suggestions during the whole renovation process. Communication was open and we were kept updated on the progress of the renovation (with regular on-site visits as well). They were still able to provide good after-sales service even after >1.5 years upon the completion of the renovation!

For a functional but aesthetically pleasing home, I would wholeheartedly recommend the services from Inform Design & Contracts.


Goldenhill Park Condo

Kelvin is a very experienced and professional ID and has a very reliable team of contractors. Throughout the entire process, Kelvin was not hard sell and was flexible to help us work within our budget. We were very satisfied with the overall outcome (HDB resale 4 room renovation). Most importantly, we were able to trust his entire team. After service was also excellent 👍

We recommended him to 2 of our friends who also ended up using his service! Highly recommend without a doubt.



I really enjoy working with Kelvin and Sandra. Kelvin is a responsible and responsive project manager for the renovation of my apartment. We complete the renovation within timeline despite all the unexpected hiccups. He listens to my ideas and feedback and provided many practical solutions. Sandra has a good eye for Color and they are genuine, warm people who I would definitely recommend and work with again.


Toa Payoh

First and foremost, for those of you reading my review, a little background my experience in property development and construction. I have been a Project Manager of building high rise Condos and mixed development overseas. I dealt with main contractor and sub trade contractors as well as Architects, Quantity surveyors and engineers. In short, I have experience on construction and renovation. I am very detailed person and fussy with quality. I have interviewed and rejected offers from a few contractors before I offered my contract to Kelvin.

Unlike some other big renovation companies who are only interested in selling their designs using salesman, Inform Design is a family business and have been around for many years. I find their terms of contract reasonable and definitely not a fly by night contractor who disappeared after taking your deposits and abandon your contract half way due to cash flow problems. A good contractor is someone who is honest, responsible, adhere to timeline, produce quality finishing, able to give good suggestions, good after sales support and have his own team of good quality sub-contractors. Kelvin has them all! To be able to meet my stringent standard is actually not easy. I highly recommend Kelvin and his team for home renovation.


Pine Grove

We engaged Kelvin 3 years ago to renovate our house. We met with a few interior designers from other companies and decided to choose Kelvin because the advices he gave were practical and price was reasonable. During the renovation, he coordinated with the contractors very well and our renovation completed before estimated time.

After the completion of the renovation, when there were some minor defects, we will feedback to him and he will get them settled very quickly. The after service was very good which is very important. This is why I highly recommend Kelvin if you are looking for a trustworthy interior designer for your home.


Alan Chou


Working with Kelvin was a breeze. He was very prompt, and took ownership of our renovation. We didn’t need to follow up much – he was prompting us every step of the way on what we needed to do and decisions we needed to make. He took our designs with care, and suggested practical ways to make them work. He also recommended materials that could best work with the design and look we wanted. I’m very very VERY thankful I got recommended to work with him because home ownership was made less stressful when he took care of everything.

Hui wen

Tanah Merah Mansion

Heya Kelvin,

Thank you very much for the wonderful work that you and your team has done for our place. Right from Day 1 when we met, you listened attentively to our needs and proposed plans for our resale flat. When it was time to bounce off ideas, you were forthcoming with your thoughts and never held back whenever you felt that something could be done better. Due to our limited experience, you never once dismissed our ideas or requests, but instead suggest an alternative that would make better sense and fit better to the look and feel of the house.

During the renovation phase, you were very prompt whenever we highlighted something and the issue will always be settled within the next 2 days. Your sub contractors were also friendly and helpful and were receptive to us whenever we were there taking alook around. The renovation project was completed 1 week earlier than planned as well so kudos to you!

Overall, we were very pleased with the renovation and thankful that God has allowed our paths to cross. It was such a joy and pleasure having you plan and execute our renovation, once again thank you very much and we will definitely recommend your services to our relatives and friends.


Clifford & Agnes

Eunos Crescent

From the day my husband and I first met Kelvin, we found him to be really dedicated and resourceful. He would go the extra mile to find a particular tile colour that we were looking for or to meet us a timing that was convenient for us. Kelvin would also advise us based on his vast knowledge and experience. I remember an incident when we insisted that we wanted to paint a toilet pipe grey in colour. However, Kelvin suggested that white would look much better. We were uncertain and still decided to go with grey. Kelvin then came up with an idea to paint it white first and if we really did not like white, he would paint it grey for us. In the end, the white was the perfect choice. It is instances like this that show that Kelvin is always so attentive and willing to listen to his customers’ preferences but he would never compromise on quality and would not hesitate to step in with professional advice. When we were undecided on things, Kelvin would always be so patient and never rushed us into anything. Also, he always delivers and we never had an incident where we had to chase him for anything. As my husband and I both work full-time jobs, this exceptional quality of Kelvin really gave us peace of minds and we could trust him fully. His replies and updates were always so prompt that we had nothing to worry about throughout the renovation process. We are so thankful to have met Kelvin and would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for quality workmanship and expertise, and a fuss-free house renovation journey!

Claire & Shawn

Geylang Road

Kelvin is pleasant to work with: he respected our design ideas while at the same time gave us professional and constructive opinions. He is responsive and responsible. He delivered the work to us on time with very good quality. Thank you for making our dream home a reality. We will definitely use his service again and recommend him to our friends.

Peian and Maggie

Rivervale Crescent

Kelvin made the renovation process as smooth and enjoyable as we could have hoped for. He guided us through the whole process, patiently, informing us of what was feasible and what was not. He also offered suggestions to our renovation plans that helped to refine what we hoped to see in our first home together as a family. Through several discussions, he sought to understand how we envisioned our home to be, and enabled us to achieve it. With his help, any initial desire for an interior designer was rendered unnecessary. During the renovation process, he was reliable and efficient, rectifying any issues that surfaced along the way. We are more than confident to recommend his services to anyone who is in need of a contractor for their home.

Marcus & Lucille

Canberra Crescent

We’re first time home owners and Kelvin was very helpful and patient in navigating and helping us bring our ideal home to life! He and his team have been very efficient and responsive throughout the entire renovation period, while ensuring that the carpentry and finishing maintains a high quality standard. It’s been a pleasure working with his wife and him. Highly recommended!


Toa Payoh: A Fresh Take on Classic Scandinavian

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Kelvin helped my husband and I realize our first home together! From the very beginning, Kelvin was very responsive to our queries, made time to meet up with us to discuss the floor plan and design of our place, and gave us valuable advice as an experienced ID to first-time home owners. His team worked fast, and our reno was completed with ample time to spare. Even after moving in, Kelvin has still been responsive to any of our queries and has been quick to render help where needed. Thank you Kelvin!


Bishan St 24: Seamless, Clean-lined, Accented Scandi Home

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My husband and myself were very particular in our search for a contractor/ interior designer. I had a very clear idea of the aesthetics while my husband has a good grasp of the technicalities of home renovation. After meeting with many different companies, we eventually chose Kelvin and Inform Design & Contracts for their value for money, detailed quote and experience.

Kelvin always went above and beyond for us, he helped us with choosing our tiles, bathroom accessories and even negotiated discounts for us where possible. He is energetic and was always two steps ahead of us throughout the renovation process. He started work on our flat the day after we got our keys and completed our renovation ahead of the detailed schedule he gave us. All the staff he had working at our house were always polite, professional and meticulous. His carpenters and tilers were particularly brilliant!

Kelvin’s strength lies in his ability to see things from both an aesthetic and technical point of view. From his many years of hands-on experience, he was always quick to foresee possible issues and offer us numerous workarounds. He was also always extremely responsive before, during and after our renovation process.

Kelvin made our dream home a reality and our renovation process throughly enjoyable. We could not recommend Kelvin and his team more!

Annabelle & Taylor

Teban Garden: Stylish Interior with Layers of Unexpected Warmth

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When I bought my place and planned to renovate, I knew I needed a contractor with an eye for detail and good taste. The unit had a tacky Victorian decor with overdone fittings and needed a drastic makeover. Through a friend’s recommendation, I chose Inform Design and Contract to pull of the feat and am thoroughly happy with the results.

Having heard many horror stories about renovations gone wrong, I had prepared myself mentally for the worst. But Inform made the process painless and actually enjoyable. Kelvin was patient, a keen listener and very easy to work with. He had very good suggestions and was always willing to go an extra mile to deliver the dream home. At the same time, he was honest and realistic about what could and could not be. It’s all about service with Kelvin. Until today, he still pops by to fix a bulb or loose hinges when I holler!

The best part was, the reno was done exactly on time and kept within budget. I’ve since
recommended Inform to a number of friends and they, too, were very satisfied with the outcome.

A big thank you to Kelvin & his team at Inform!


Katong Garden: A Welcoming Home Peppered with Warmth

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I have used Kelvin from Inform Design for the last 6 years for the few houses that I have renovated. I have been happy with the service provided by Kelvin. He is able to give practical  suggestions during the design stage bearing in mind design concepts and yet keeping within a given budget. The level of workmanship and supervision of works is also to my satisfaction – I do not have to worry about delays or shabby work. Whilst these are expected of any contractor, what I find Kelvin excelling in is his level of after sales service. If any of his works causes issues after handover (and full payment being made), he has never shirked responsibility if the problem was caused by him or his workers. If my friends are looking for a reliable contractor who can produce what he promises, I certainly would recommend Inform Design without hesitation.

Mr & Mrs Hon

Sennet Avenue: Defining Elements of Urban Modern Interior

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Kelvin was such a pleasure to work with. As first-time home-owners, we were inexperienced in home renovations but Kelvin was patient with us. He understood our vision perfectly and executed exactly what we wanted well. Not only did he help us realise our interior design dreams, he made clear to us the various constraints and possible alternatives if any. Open and frequent communication was what we appreciated most while working with Kelvin. Even when we wanted changes to be made, Kelvin remained professional and delivered results without grudges nor complaints. He is a well-mannered man who did not give us a chance to worry about the whole home renovation process. With regard to workmanship, we particularly like Kelvin’s carpenter and tilers. They worked fast and were meticulous. All in all, Kelvin is someone we would highly
recommend to all our family and friends

Mr & Mrs Hong

Towner Road: 4-room HDB with Minimalist, Muted Palette

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Before engaging Kelvin’s services, we spoke to a handful of interior designers. We were wary of whether they could deliver what we wanted and most importantly within our budget with quality workmanship. As Kelvin had previously done a project at CK’s company, we were more or less confident of his services. Kelvin heard us out and after lengthy and detailed discussions, we knew we were in good hands.

We wanted a functional home more than just a showroom. Kelvin was attentive and proposed practical concepts that worked around our lifestyle. He was professional and responsive to our queries and had there be any hiccups in the course of work, he would rectify them responsibly.

Kelvin had rendered high level of supervision over the reno works and was patient in explaining the pros and cons of certain ideas. CK and myself enjoyed the process of renovating our humble abode, with no worry of shabby work and irresponsible workers. Kelvin had also diligently updated us the reno progress which really gave us a peace of mind.

Our expectations and requirements were met and the reno was completed on time. Thanks to Kelvin and his team at Inform Design for conceptualizing and materializing our dream home for which we were remarkably satisfied. We would definitely recommend his services to our friends and relatives if they need someone who is willing to go the extra mile.

Mr & Mrs CK Lim

Springside: A Bohemian Landed Home Embraced with Modernity

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From the start, Kelvin & Sandra have been professional and dependable. Having bought our first home, I was apprehensive about the whole renovation process but Kelvin & Sandra were very patient in explaining the details and addressing my concerns and questions. They were forthcoming with good ideas and advice but were never pushy. Lines of communication were always open and responses were very prompt.

Kelvin and his team of workers coordinated well and any issues that surfaced in the course of the renovation were handled promptly and efficiently to ensure on-time completion and I was kept up-to-date with the progress.

After the handover, Kelvin & Sandra continued to provide reliable after-sales service, I would highly recommend Kelvin & Sandra for your home renovations.

Mrs. Yen

Park West Condo

A friend has recommended Kelvin to us and after the initial discussion on the scope of the renovation works, we find that Kelvin is very approachable and responsive. He understand our needs and requirements, Kelvin is able to give valuable suggestions and recommendations to our renovation plans.

He is professional and proficient in his works. He has worked tirelessly and made multiple changes to the renovation plans. We are pleased by his diligence and work ethic and his approach to our renovation plans/ideas. He has assisted us in selecting of the various materials, fittings and equipment and he personally brought us to the shops to make the selection and purchase. Further, he has given invaluable inputs to the Kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, TV console and door design; paints and color scheme to our apartment.

His team of workers are equally impressive. They are good craft men who specialized in their trade and have many years of experience. They are dedicated and very professional in their works. The renovation work are well coordinated. The on-site coordination was handled very professionally and any last minute changes were responded promptly.

Overall, we find Kelvin takes pride in his work, he is always on-site to inspect on the progress and quality of the works. He is pro-active and are ready to make suggestions and changes to the plan when the need arises. Not forgetting the committed time frame and budget.

Our experience with Kelvin has been most pleasant and we have no hesitation in recommending Kelvin to our family and friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Foong

Telok Blangah Dr

Grateful for a responsible ID, Kelvin and his team who delivered my project within such a tight deadline and rectify the carpentry when needed. Wouldn’t have pulled through this whole process without Kelvin timely response, steady composure and patience in handling my hysterical comments on Whatsapp. Really appreciate Pauline who strongly recommended Kelvin to me. I will strongly recommend to any friends who wish to look for a reasonable and responsible ID, Kelvin to renovate Their home.

Thanks Kelvin.

Mr. and Mrs. Toh

Waterfront Key

We had an excellent home renovation experience with Kelvin, for my home. When my mum’s house required a major renovation, it was obvious that we sought help from Kelvin. Kelvin and his wife were very sensitive to my mum’s needs, balancing what needed to be done for safety and comfort & keeping some aspects – the kitchen where she spent most of her time. They were very patient, helpful and accommodating even to ad-hoc requests, in the midst of the renovation. The end result: some things new, some things old … A beautiful home for my mum, built on memories.
Thank you Kelvin & Sandra

Mr & Mrs Tan (Bishan & Toa Payoh): some things new, some things old… A beautiful home for my mum, built on memories.
Thank you Kelvin & Sandra.

Mr. and Mrs. Tan (Bishan & Toa Payoh)


My wife and I decided to engage Kelvin to help us with our home renovation as we received good reviews from relative and colleague. Indeed, they were every bit as good as described. We found Kelvin to be responsive and also had a listening ear as we described our requirements to him. He would give good practical ideas that would further improve the whole concept. His team was also professional and able to deliver high quality work. Through interacting with them, I realised that they noticed some details that escaped our attention, and hence our house is now more child-friendly. We also enjoyed the service that Kelvin and his team provided even after the renovation is completed, in the final touch-ups, etc. Overall, we are very pleased with Kelvin and his team as they had certainly made the usually stressful home renovation much more bearable and pleasant.

God bless.

Dr. and Mrs. Chua

Bukit Merah Central

We are really happy with the services provided by Inform design. Kelvin was very prompt and responded to all our concerns and queries even after work hours; he was also very patient when we could not decide what we needed for our house. Also, there was no hard-selling and over-priced charges, costs were transparent. The project was delivered on time and we are really pleased with the professional after-sales service to address any issues we have too.

Grabriel and Xante

Bedok Reservoir

Kelvin from Inform Design did an excellent job in renovating our home. They were thorough, reliable, experienced and very responsive. Most importantly they were able to complete the project on time and within budget. We even recommend their services to two of our relatives looking to renovate their homes and they are pleased with their services as well.

Mr. and Mrs. Lim


I appreciate the work that you have done for me which I can describe as professional, prompt and of good quality. The design of the kitchen renovation has received numerous compliments from my guests. I have had bad experiences with contractors in the past but the experience with Inform has been good and I would not hesitate to recommend your services to others.

Ernest Chee

Balmoral Park

As i had to move in within 3 weeks, i was impressed that kelvin and his team started out the renovation work promptly and completed it on time. As i was travelling often during that period, kelvin kept me updated on the progress of the renovation and coordinated well with purchasing the toilet accessories and kitchen appliances. Thanks kelvin and team for an amazing job.

Mr. and Mrs. Majeed

Edelweiss Park